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An Entrepreneur at heart  
Investor by Choice

About Mahesh

Mahesh Ramachandran is a successful Serial and Social Entrepreneur turned investor.


Mahesh is an angel investor, mentor, independent director supporting innovative startups and helps build the ecosystem.

Mahesh is the founder of Tech Innovations, an investment platform that provides liquidity to Founders and Investors alike.

Mahesh is a distinguished Sloan Fellow of London Business School.


Mahesh is Leadership Council and Programme Management Group member of FinBlue - FinTech Centre of Excellence set up by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India at STPI, Chennai.

Mahesh is General Partner of Pontaq Cross Border Innovation Fund based in the UK (Regulated by FCA) and India (Regulated by SEBI).

Mahesh chairs TiE FinTech Special Interest Group and was on the Governing Council of TiE Chennai

Mahesh is the founder of  Commonwealth Inclusive Growth Services Ltd which operates in over 30,000 locations across 20+ states in India.

It handles over 10,000 crores of government to citizen benefits every year servicing over 6 million rural customers.

Mahesh is the founder and chief mentor of Trusted Donations which connects CSR and donors to verified NGOs.

Mahesh is also a visiting faculty of Indian School of Business, Krea University and National Police Academy where he teaches FinTech, digital transformation, and entrepreneurship.

Mahesh holds an MBA from the University of Westminster, Sloan Masters in Leadership & Strategy (Distinguished Sloan Fellow of London Business School) from the University of London.

Mahesh heads the London Business School Alumni Club in Chennai.

Mahesh is part of Stanford SEED Transformation programme and acts as Mentor in Stanford Spark initiative

Mahesh Ramachandran brings with him several decades of rich & varied experience in the field of Entrepreneurship, Investing, FinTech, Rural Marketing, Digital Transformation, Leadership, Mentoring & Governance.

Mahesh Ramachandran entrepreneurial ventures include peer to peer foreign exchange portal, targeted advertisement and digital payment solution and financial inclusion. His areas of interest include Machine Learning, Game Theory, and Systems Thinking.

Mahesh hails from Thanjavur, South India and loves Coffee, Coding, Carnatic Music and Comics.

Serial  Entrepreneur 
Angel Investor 

 Social   Entrepreneur

Venture   Capital 

I advise startups to scale

I help founders scale their startups. ​

There are several resources that are quite useful which I have gathered over the years.

Business Model:

Before you jump into building a business plan, make sure you have clarity on your business model.

Try to answer these three questions:

1. Who is your customer?

2. What is your value proposition? What problem are you solving?

3. How do you make money?

If you want to have a structured way to think about how to build a business model the Business Model Canvas could be a good place to start.

Once you get to understand the 9 basic building blocks, you can deep dive into each of these areas and try to expand on these.

Here are some of the books and online resources that could help:

Business Plan

Are you looking for business plan templates? Better to try 

Clients &


Frame 7.jpg
Founder & Chief Mentor

Commonwealth Inclusive Growth Services Ltd

Frame 2.jpg
General Partner

A Cross Border Innovation Fund.

Connecting CSR and Donors to

NGOs verified physically and digitally

Chief Mentor
Tech Innovations

Emerging Tech Innovations

Frame 3.jpg
Past Governing Council Member

Chair, FinTech Special Interest Group TiE Chennai

Chennai City Chair

Winmark Global CEO Network

Frame 8.jpg
Leadership Council Member

FinTech Centre of Excellence set up Government of India at STPI, Chennai.

Frame 4.jpg
Head of Alumni Club, Chennai

London Business School

Frame 5.jpg
Visiting Faculty

Indian School of Business

National Police Academy
Visiting Faculty

National Police Academy

Krea Logo.png
Visiting Professor of Practice

Krea University

Guest Faculty

National Academy of Direct Taxes



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